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2 whey Division 5lbs + 2 BCAA D4ME

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Description du produit

Whey Division par scoop : 25g de protein , 5g de glucide . 1,5g de gras . 130 calories


Whey protein, or lactoserum, is America’s best value for money! Whey Division is a lactoserum-based supplement whose highly superior quality has a significant protein content of 82%.

Our product is produced using the most advanced technology of low-temperature separation. This process uses state-of-the art cross-flow microfiltration methods which protect the amino acids, thus ensuring you the highest quality protein available. Moreover, to further guarantee this quality, it is imported from New Zealand and is GMO-free. Whey Division’s exceptional value for money and delicious taste make this supplement one of the most sought after by those who appreciate the highest standard of quality, because it is easily affordable. We guarantee that you will not find the same quality whey protein anywhere else in America!

And because we are proud of the taste of our products, we can promise you this whey protein has an awesome flavor. Just try it, and you’ll never want another brand again. To top it off, it dissolves so quickly and easily that you can just stir it in with a spoon! If you think your current brand of whey protein is giving you good value for money, then you haven’t tried Whey Division yet. Stop using your current protein, switch to Whey Division and you will see for yourself what “quality” and “affordable” really mean!

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Les BCAA D4ME de Blacklist Supplements sont ce qui fait de mieux en goût et qualité .

Sa concentration parfaite de leucine , isoleucine et valine permet une récuperation optimal et une élimination des courbatures .

Ce produit anti-catabolique , permet a votre métabolisme de rouler parfaitement .

Récuperation , regénération des tissue musculaire et perte de gras . ces tout sa que les BCAA D4ME de Blacklist Supplements vous procureras .


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