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Estra platinum


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Product Description

– Weight loss

– Reduces cellulite

– Increases energy

– Increases libido


Estra Platinum – estrogen Controller

An effective solution to keep control over their health

Estra Platinum is the latest product developed by Newday and is considered the best-designed controller on the market of estrogen. Our formula Estra Platinum acts as an effective fat burner that helps eliminate water retention, cellulite and fat in the lower body, specifically the hips. Other benefits associated with Estra Platinum, we notice beneficial effects on PMS and libido. It is also used frequently to counter the negative symptoms associated with menopause.

The Estra Platinum Newday conforms fully to the high quality standards that we have established ourselves in the development of our products. Create in our laboratory from high quality ingredients, the Platinum Estra is a 100% Canadian product designed to help the body to control the transformation of estrogen.

Approved by Health Canada, the Platinum Estra has a Natural Product Number (NPN), he obtained certification after a careful review of the Canadian health agency. With this certification, the Platinum Estra Newday is considered by Health Canada as a safe estrogen controller, effective and high quality when used under the recommended conditions.