Corti Platinum


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Product Description

Reduced abdominal fat and lower back.   Decreases adrenal fatigue.   Deep sleep and recovery for optimum clock. A valuable ally to counter the negative effects of stress For some people, stress control is a daunting task. Thanks to cortisol, a hormone existing adaptive in our body, we are able to lessen the negative impact of stress that affects our physical and psychological condition. But cortisol present in excessive amounts or poorly controlled brings its share of adverse effects such as chronic fatigue, unstable mood and gain fat mostly in the abdomen and groin. It is thinking of women with problems related to stress queNewday Supplement developed the Platinum Corti. Our unique formula created in our ultramodern laboratory uses the highest quality ingredients, whose properties are known to allow the body to adequately manage the effects of stress. The Platinum Corti formula Newday Supplement also provides several other benefits. It allows you among others to increase your resistance to stress, promote better recovery and reduce fat in the abdomen. Like other products manufactured by Newday Supplement, the Corti Platinum is approved by Health Canada and has a Natural Product Number (NPN). This certification issued by the Canadian health agency certifies that the Corti Platinum Newday Supplement is considered by Health Canada as a safe, effective and high quality when used under the recommended conditions.   Corti platinum, the product among the most effective competitor and the most up to date. TNT NUTRITION recommends it